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Is whitening/bleaching my teeth safe?

Woman smiling l Teeth Whitening Red Deer County ABMost of our patients that have an interest in a whiter, brighter smile are curious if the whitening or bleaching process is safe. You can rest assured that it is definitely a safe procedure as long as you follow the instructions given to you by our staff members. Although it is a safe procedure, some patients develop sensitivity after they use any sort of whitening product on their teeth. Before starting the bleaching process at our office, it is definitely a good idea to try a whitening toothpaste or whitening strips at home for a couple of weeks to see if your teeth become sensitive to just that little bit of stimuli.

What does a healthy smile look like?

Teeth have a natural whitish-yellow colour because the middle layer of the tooth, the dentin, has a yellowish hue. This means that healthy teeth will naturally be a light whitish-yellow in colour.  If you have concerns about the colour of your teeth, we recommend that you have a full dental check-up and cleaning before using any whitening product to assess the health of your teeth and to decide if whitening would be a good option for you. Contact your team at Gasoline Alley Dental today for more information about teeth whitening.