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Are dental x-rays safe and necessary?

Dental xray | Dentist Red Deer CountyThis is another question that we are asked often. Yes, x-rays are safe, and yes, they are necessary. Most patients aren’t aware that the amount of radiation in 2 bitewing dental x-rays has been measured to be equal to the same amount of radiation that we are exposed to on an average day that naturally exists in the air, water, certain foods like bananas and brazil nuts, granite countertops, etc.

Gasoline Alley Dental's Commitment to you

Although we won’t take an unnecessary amount of x-rays, you can rest assured that the dental x-rays we do take at Gasoline Alley Dental are safe, our radiographic equipment is regularly inspected and maintained, and that we will always provide personal protection in the form of a lead apron for you to wear during an x-ray.

Why are x-rays necessary at Gasoline Alley Dental?

X-rays are necessary to detect dental issues that can’t be seen and diagnosed by the dentist during a visual exam alone. These issues can be as simple as decay below the gumline or under a previously placed crown or as complex as a supernumerary (extra tooth) or an impacted wisdom tooth. This information is vital in allowing Dr. Whitehead to be able to make a proper diagnosis of existing dental issues.