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Do you direct bill to insurance?

Dental insurance paperwork | Dentist Red Deer County ABWe get asked this question a lot! And the answer is yes; we can direct bill to the majority of Canadian insurance providers. We do ask that you try to become familiar with the basics of what your dental insurance plan covers since every carrier has multiple plans and it would be impossible for us to try to memorize what procedures are and are not covered and at what percentages.

How can I be sure what cost my dental insurance will cover in Red Deer County?

Most dental insurance carriers allow their plan members to check the basics of what their individual plan covers in their online account or by calling them to find out. We also ask that our patients understand that they are financially responsible for all services provided to them in our office, whether they have insurance or not.

Call Gasoline Alley Dental for more assistance

Our front office staff at Gasoline Alley Dental can also submit predeterminations on behalf of our patients to their dental insurance carriers. This means that they can find out the approximate amount of coverage that their individual insurance plan offers for the procedures that are part of their personalized treatment plan.