Crowns & Bridges in Red Deer County AB

Dr. Whitehead, your Central Alberta dentist, and our staff here at Gasoline Alley Dental are pleased to offer custom crown and bridge dental procedures as part of individual treatment plans orMan and woman smiling | Dentist Red Deer County AB as an option resulting from emergency dental care.

Dental Crowns in T4E 0A5

A crown (sometimes called a cap) is a treatment that we use to provide full-coverage protection for a tooth. Just like the name implies, it sits on the top of your tooth after your tooth has had specific preparations made to it.  A crown is typically used to treat a broken or cracked tooth, to protect a tooth from possible fracture when a large filling has been previously placed, or as a restoration after a root canal.  Crowns can also be recommended as a treatment option when a very large filling is needed.

If a crown has been recommended as part of your treatment plan or as a result of an emergency, Dr. Whitehead, your Red Deer Dentist, and our staff will take an impression and then prepare your tooth in a way that the crown can sit right on top, flush with the biting surface of your other teeth. When your crown has been milled and is ready to find its place in your mouth, they will cement it to your remaining natural tooth structure, restoring your smile, and providing the function you enjoyed before.

We make crowns out of many different materials. Depending on your individual treatment plan and dental needs, Dr. Whitehead will discuss the options that are best for you at your crown preparation appointment.

Middle aged man and woman smiling on couch | Dentist Red Deer CountyIf you want to catch a glimpse of the production process, make sure to peek through the window to our in-house lab in our waiting room area to see how crowns and bridges and other dental appliances are made!

Dental Bridge

At Gasoline Alley Dental here in Red Deer, Alberta, Dr. Whitehead, and our staff will recommend using a bridge as a treatment plan option on an individual basis. A bridge is used to fill the gaps where teeth are missing, have been extracted, or an implant, partial denture or alternative option is not desired.

A bridge is custom made to match your smile and can be used to fill in the space left behind by one or more missing teeth.  Just like a crown, a bridge is not removable and will be cemented in place when it is ready for you.

If you would like to explore the option of a bridge or you have a bridge that needs to be repaired or replaced, feel free to come in for a visit!  Contact us, (403) 343-8622, or click to request an appointment to discuss your crown and bridge needs.