Exams & Cleanings in Red Deer County AB

woman at dental exam | Red Deer County abAt Gasoline Alley Dental, we offer different types of exams depending on what you need.  Three of our most common exams are:

  • New Patient Exam
  • Emergency Exam
  • Recare Exam during your six-month preventive appointment

New Patient Exam

When you are seen for the first time at our general dentistry clinic, Dr. Whitehead and our team will perform a new patient exam. This includes a thorough examination of your mouth, teeth, and gums with necessary diagnostic x-rays and photos. We will then discuss an individualized comprehensive treatment plan with you.

Emergency Exam in the T4E 0A5 Area

When a dental emergency arises, Dr. Whitehead and our team will assess the area of concern by performing an Emergency Exam and taking any necessary x-rays and photos to make a diagnosis and come up with a treatment plan specific to your needs.  They will discuss treatment options with you and take care of your dental needs as soon as possible.  Sometimes an emergency requires an initial Emergency Exam appointment as well as another appointment to complete necessary treatment, and sometimes it can be taken care of in one visit; either way, you can be sure to receive the same level of genuine care and treatment here at Gasoline Alley Dental for your emergency dental needs.

Recare Exam

A recare exam is the routine exam that Dr. Whitehead and our staff will perform at your check-up and cleaning appointment.  Most often, your cleaning will be completed by one of our Hygienists who will assess and discuss the health and care of your gums and teeth and take necessary x-rays and photos.  Dr. Whitehead will then examine your mouth and gums and discuss treatment plan options with you if treatment is needed.

This exam is for patients who have been seen at our Red Deer Dental Office previously and are already part of our patient family.  Our friendly Receptionists will send out text and email reminders or give you a call when your recare exam is due, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait to hear from us!  Call 403-343-8622 or click anytime to request an appointment for your routine recare exam.

Dental Hygiene Cleanings

At Gasoline Alley Dental, we have a great team of Hygienists and staff that look after the oral hygiene care and cleanings of our patients. We believe in preventative dentistry, so that means Multigenerational family sitting outsideour hygiene department wants to see you frequently in order to help maintain healthy gums and teeth and avoid as many future dental issues as possible.

At your routine dental cleaning appointment, one of our staff members will perform a dental cleaning (scaling) by removing the plaque and tartar build-up on your teeth.

At your routine Recare Exam appointment, one of our staff members will perform your dental cleaning and take specific measurements of your gum heights to assess the health of your gums and teeth. Then they will discuss the recommended frequency of dental cleanings with you based on your individual oral health and measurements of your gums. Our staff member will demonstrate how to take care of your teeth and gums and answer any questions you have regarding the care and maintenance of your mouth. If you have a question, please ask, because at Gasoline Alley Dental we are passionate about patient education!

Ready to book a dental cleaning? Click to email or call your Central Alberta dentist at (403) 343-8622, to request an appointment.